About Downunder Country

David and Therese Higginson (of Campfire Country band) travel and perform around the country and meet many wonderful singers and poets. They were approached by Coleen Russell of the Bridgetown Agricultural Society about putting on a show at the Bridgetown Show Grounds. Thus, the idea of Downunder Country was born.

David and Therese invited their friends to come and participate in a weekend of traditional country music and bush poetry. The response was fantastic and the help by the Bridgetown Agricultural Society and other volunteers made this a very successful weekend.

A big thank you to all our wonderful friends (artists and supporters), without you and the volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to make it work.

March 2015 – Above is what we wrote in 2011 after our first show.  The amount of friends and supporters has grown enormously in 5 years, and the quality of our weekend has improved.  We try to act on any suggestions from our audience each year, which has also helped in the improvement of facilities and presentation on our limited budget.

Big thanks to everyone involved.

Dave & Therese